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Professor Sullens

Welcome to www.sullens.net, the home page of Barry J. Sullens, Assistant Professor at Ivy Tech Community College in Fort Wayne, Indiana and executive committee member of the World Organization of Webmasters. This site is primarily for my learners at Ivy Tech. You can view the courses I teach, locate the rooms and times, and view my office hours on this page. In addition, you can display the course schedule for each course I am teaching this semester by clicking on the name or ID of the course below.

If you are a student in CINS, SDEV, INFM, DBMS, or CSCI, you may visit me during my office hours for advising; walk-ins are welcome but appointments are preferred. Either way, please check-in with the School of Computing & Informatics secretary to verify my availability when you arrive. If you need to meet with me for an SAP appeal, please call 260-480-4258 to schedule a 1-hour appointment. You can also make an appointment yourself through the Ivy Advising link above or the Ivy Advising link inside Blackboard. NOTE: The last day to drop a 16-week class this term is 11/12/2016.

cogSchool of Computing and Informatics

Students may view an informal, unofficial, but nonetheless helpful matrix of computer courses that presents the old School of Business CINS, CINT, and INSE course numbers next to the equivalent School of Computing and Informatics SDEV, DBMS, INFM, NETI, SVAD, CSIA, and CPIN course numbers. The course numbers for Computer Science, CSCI, have not changed.

calendar Fall 2016 Course Schedule

Course ID Course Name Time Room
CPIN279-00C Computing & Informatics Capstone online - online n/a
CPIN279-01C Computing & Informatics Capstone online - online n/a
SDEV140-00C Intro to Software Development online - online n/a
SDEV153-00C Web Site Development online - online n/a
SDEV250-00C Client-side Scripting online - online n/a
SDEV253-00C Server-side Scripting online - online n/a
SDEV140-50C Intro to Software Development T 06:30p - 10:20p CC2378
SDEV153-40C Web Site Development M 02:30P - 06:20P CC2378
SDEV250-40C Client-side Scripting W 02:30P - 06:20P CC2312
SDEV253-20C Server-side Scripting W 09:30A - 01:20P CC2312